Phone: 0439 068 310

6 Greenmeadow Lane
Nowra Hill NSW 2540

Accomodation & Diet


  • Fully secured indoor kennels with brick walls separating each dog, meaning no problems at dinner time.
  • Besser Block kennels with insulated roof and ceiling fans.  Kennel block face the east and with front roller doors the kennels have full exposure to the morning sun.  Making it cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Six fully secured 4m x 8m runs with maximum 3 dogs, in each yard, of similar size and temperament.
  • Kazoo Daydream pillow top dog bed in every kennel.
  • Music playing to provide a relaxing environment.
  • Fresh water changed twice daily.
  • Kennels hosed down and disinfected daily with a specially formulated kennel wash designed for dogs.
  • Twin accommodation available at discounted cost*.
  • Complimentary bath and shampoo on departure with stays over 5 days.


*Twin share boarding rates only apply to those dogs who are checked in together & share a kennel together.

Dog’s daily diet consists of:
Breakfast - Dog biscuit or toast with honey
Dinner- A mix of fresh raw chicken/beef mince and a top quality kibble.

Premium tinned dog food available at an extra cost.  Owners are welcome to leave any favourite food for their dogs.
If your dog is on a prescription diet, you will need to supply this.